The Burke Law Group

"A Client-Oriented Law Firm"

About Us

The Burke Law Group LLC, founded by E. Earle Burke, resides in the Historic Castleberry Hill Landmark Distict in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The firm was founded on the concept of "client service" which has a very specific meaning. It means providing legal services of the highest quality in a cost-effective manner.

With over 25 years of combined legal experience, The Burke Law Group LLC offers extensive and varied legal expertise, which enables the firm to provide sophisticated legal services across the wide range of complex transactions and related litigation that are a part of today's business world. No less important is a dedication to the components of client service: being responsive and dependable, providing solutions, and anticipating and meeting challenges head-on. Today's clients have come to expect a higher level of service, and The Burke Law Group LLC provides it.

The Burke Law Group LLC is thoroughly dedicated to all of its clients in every aspect and every area of the law. E. Earle Burke's role as a former managing partner enables the firm to deliver cost-effective service by learning the clients' needs well enough to know when legal services are required and when they are not. When legal services are needed, we commit only the resources necessary to accomplish the task at hand.

The Burke Law Group LLC works vigorously to advance the clients' interests, never losing sight of their business or other objectives. We see possibilities where others see only problems, and this results-oriented approach helps make those possibilities reality. In everything we do, we build bridges, rather than roadblocks.

In every area of the firm's practice, The Burke Law Group LLC strives to deliver the highest quality of legal services in a cost-efficient manner. That is the client service commitment that makes our firm exceptional.

The Burke Law Group LLC invites you to experience the rewards of representation by a small, client-oriented law firm.